Mayor invites input for city waste disposal plan

Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green will be holding a special stakeholders meeting on Tuesday to initiate a public education programme on waste disposal in the city, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) said on Friday.

“The idea is to invite stakeholders to participate in a session that would allow them to make contributions to the Council’s effort to rid the city of the nuisance of improper disposal of waste,” M&CC Public Relations Officer Royston King said in a statement.

To this end, the Mayor is inviting leaders and members of the business sector, non-governmental organisations, religious bodies, community groups and individuals to participate in the meeting to begin educating citizens about acting responsibly towards the environment and protecting the health of their communities.

King noted that it is the collective view of the council that a major part of the problem of improper disposal is lack of information and knowledge about the consequences of unfriendly environmental actions, such as the improper disposal of garbage.

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