Five thousand water meters for Berbice

The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is installing 5000 new meters and service connection upgrades in Berbice from today, as it expands its metering programme.

In a press release, GWI said it will install 3000 water service meters, including service connection upgrades in Gay Park, Fort Canje and New Amsterdam, East Berbice.  In addition, customers from Johns Village to Port Mourant, East Berbice/Corentyne will benefit from the installation of 2000 meters and service upgrades.

GWI CEO Shaik Baksh said these activities are part of the company’s overall metering programme which is pivotal to reducing energy consumption.

“Low consumption by our customers will result in savings for GWI’s energy costs,” he said, explaining that “utilizing less water will also assist our customers in paying less for the service. Research has shown that persons utilizing water for domestic purposes are conscious of their consumption patterns when a meter is installed; they use only what is necessary thereby contributing to the energy conservation drive.”

As such, GWI is “appealing to all customers in receipt of new water meters to monitor their consumption so that their bills will reflect small charges.” The CEO explained that while “water meters function well as conservation devices… if customers do not monitor their consumption and reduce wastage their water service charges will reflect high usage patterns.” Berbice customers will also benefit from the upgrading of water service connections which will boost the overall service.


The GWI will be hosting a public awareness campaign in the areas where the new meters and service connections are being installed to educate customers on the benefits of using water meters. For more information about the water service meters, customers can contact the utility’s Customer Services Call Centre on telephone 227-8701/03/04 or via email address Customers can also post queries via social media on


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