ACDA says public inquiry into human trafficking needed

-stands in solidarity with Broomes

The African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA) says it stands in solidarity with Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) leader Simona Broomes as she continues to expose instances of human trafficking in the hinterland and urges that an urgent public inquiry be held into the matter.

In a press release, ACDA Executive Members Barrington Braithwaite, Elton McRae, Penda Guyan and Rudi Guyan said they have noted “with a high degree of concern” the recent attempt made by persons allegedly engaged in human trafficking to malign Broomes.

The group said Broomes has taken the mantle to protect vulnerable women and children, while bringing to the fore the incompetence that festered within the department of social services over the years under the leadership of four different government ministers.

“The fact that these female Ministers of the Government over the years [have] been in denial of the existence of this scourge, and Ms Broomes and other valiant members of the [group] have in the past year exposed the dirty underbelly of their reign in the Social Services sector, is disquieting,” ACDA said.

The backlash was anticipated, ACDA said, adding that beyond exposing the existence of trafficking Broomes and her associates are protecting womanhood and ensuring that family values, which have been allowed to slip in recent times, to be brought to the forefront. The meeting also reflected on the statements made by the GWMO about non-cooperation and outright opposition at times, from figures in authority.  “Such acts we condemn… and we are urging that a public [inquiry] be held on [Trafficking in Persons] at the earliest possible time,” ACDA said.

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