Roraima Airways says did not knowingly employ fugitive Lynch

Days after police issued a wanted bulletin for murder accused Carolan Lynch after she was spotted working at a local resort, Roraima Airways yesterday said that it did not knowingly employ a fugitive of the law.

In a press release, the company confirmed that the one-time beauty queen who is accused of murdering her husband, cambio owner Farouk Razac

Carolan Lynch
Carolan Lynch

was contracted as a temporary staff, acting in a supervisory capacity.

“Roraima Airways would like to firmly state and clarify that we would never knowingly employ a person who is wanted by the law.

From public records and as far as the company was aware, the case against Ms Carolan Lynch was dismissed and further we were not aware that there was a current arrest warrant issued for her,” the release said, adding that Lynch also confirmed with the company’s Human Resources Department during her interview that “all legal matters against her were dismissed by the High Court”. At the time of her interview, her address on her application form was confirmed us as her current place of abode, Roraima said.

“In keeping with the role of our CEO as the Chairperson of the Sentence Management Board, whose function and role is related to the rehabilitation of prisoners and their reintegration into society.

Roraima Airways em-braces the role of the private sector in creating a second chance,” the release said. It added that in this regard the company supports the work of the Sentence Management Board as part of its corporate social responsibility.

“Now that we aware that an arrest warrant was issued for her, Roraima Airways would like to urge Ms Lynch to report to the police immediately,” the release stressed.

Four days ago, police issued a wanted bulletin for the woman. In November 2010, Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry had issued a warrant for Lynch’s arrest after being told by the police that Lynch had been formally served notice of the charge but had not appeared.


She was initially charged in May 2007 after Razac was found dead on the floor of their Eping Avenue, Bel Air home.

In 2008, Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys had ruled that no prima facie case was made against her and the matter was subsequently discharged.

However, police moved to re-charge her.

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