Ministry recruiting traffic wardens

The Ministry of Home Affairs is currently recruiting traffic wardens to assist the Guyana Police Force (GPF) with the general control and regulation of traffic and the enforcement of motoring and parking laws. According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) release, the recruitment is in keeping with the provisions in the amended 2011 Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act which empowers the police commissioner, with the approval of the minister, to appoint persons as traffic wardens.

Persons interested in becoming traffic wardens must be at least 18 old, possess a minimum of three CXC/CAPE subjects (Grade Three passes in Mathematics and English), be in good physical health and have no criminal record. Those recruited will be enrolled in a six-week training programme which will be facilitated by qualified ranks from the GPF and include sessions on case file preparation, the issuance of traffic tickets, courtroom and law enforcement ethics, anger management,  basic first-aid and filed exercises.

Traffic wardens will be paid a salary of $59,360 per month. They may also be called to give evidence in a court of law if necessary. Wardens will also be sworn-in as rural constables in accordance with the Police Act to enable them to better perform their duties.

The GPF cautions that any person who obstructs a traffic warden from executing his/her duties could face a fine of $30,000 and six months imprisonment, under the revised Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act.

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