Man in apparent suicide at Norton St hotel

…after allegedly trying to strangle woman

The body of a man who it is suspected committed suicide was yesterday found in a hotel on Norton Street after the woman he was with raised an alarm to the staff that he had tried to strangle her.

Dead is Egleton Grant, 37, of Linden whose body was found by police in a room at The Shack Inn and Bar on Norton Street after he apparently slit his throat and ingested a noxious substance.

An employee of the hotel told Stabroek News that the man and a woman booked a `short time’ room earlier. “He booked the room like minutes to 9 and they left and went upstairs. A little while after she came downstairs screaming saying that he wanted to kill her”.

According to the woman, the employees called the proprietor of the hotel and the police who came and found the body of the man. “The police went upstairs and heard the shower running, but he would not answer the door.

We keep smelling something funny all the time and the police end up kicking down the door and that is when they found the body. His throat was slit and there were two bottles of poison nearby. It look like he de vomiting up bad after he drink the poison. They find the knife next to he hand”.

The woman said that this is the first time that the two had visited the hotel and also the first time that something of this nature had happened at the hotel. Grant’s body is currently at the Lyken Parlour. The woman is currently assisting police with investigations.

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