Footballer among four remanded over receiving stolen electronics from Golyn and Sons robbery

Footballer Omalo Williams, along with three other men, was yesterday remanded to prison over harbouring items that were allegedly stolen from Golyn and Sons during a robbery.

The charges read at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court stated Williams, 20, of Lot 83 Leopold Street, allegedly received from Nicholous Choy a flat screen TV valued $110,000 knowing that the item was stolen or unlawfully obtained.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge when it was read to him by Magistrate Judy Latchman.

It was also alleged that Choy, 25, of Lot 184 Charlotte Street, Bourda; Orin Breedy, 42, a taxi driver; and Jason David, 30, of Main Street received a quantity of items;

Omalo Williams
Omalo Williams

including 5 flat screen TVs and 4 DVD players valued $1,210,000 from person(s) unknown, knowing that the items were stolen.

All three men also pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat, who represented Williams, said that he is at a tender age and has a wife and a child. He added that the TV was found three houses away from where Williams lives and asked for reasonable bail since the articles were recovered.

Fung-A-Fat also said that if his client is refused bail, it is likely to impact on his career as a football player.

Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt objected to bail for all four defendants based on the quantity of articles which were stolen during a robbery at Golwyn and Sons. The total sum of items stolen was $8 million and Hunt said the articles found on all of the defendants belonged to the batch of items stolen during the robbery.

He said if granted bail it was very likely that Williams would not return for trial.

Counsel George Thomas, who represented Choy, said that his client was beaten by the police and he pointed out the bloodstains on his t-shirt. He asked for reasonable bail to be granted since he said he was fearful for the safety of his client and that Choy needed to urgently seek medical attention.

Choy told the court that he was beaten badly by one officer, who, after he was finished, told another officer to continue beating him because he was tired.

Thomas told the court that his client is willing to comply with whatever conditions the court may require. He said that although Choy’s passport has expired, he is willing to lodge it.

Attorney Mandisa Breedy made an application for reasonable bail to be granted for her client, Orin Breedy.

The fourth accused, Jason David, who also claimed he was assaulted by a police officer, was unrepresented by a counsel.

Magistrate Latchman remanded all four men to prison until September 16 when they will appear for statements.

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