Government lauds US-Russia accord on Syria

The Government of Guyana welcomes the agreement between the USA and Russia which “averted a humanitarian disaster had an attack on Syria been launched.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also recognises that under the USA-Russia Framework for the Elimination of Syrian Chemical Weapons, chemical weapons would be fully dismantled. Guyana holds fast that chemical weapons should never again be used in any kind of conflict and urges all nations in possession of chemical and other weapons of mass destruction to commit to a total and absolute ban of their construction, stockpiling and use, the ministry said in a press release.

“In this regard, the decision of the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic to accede to the Chemical Weapons Convention is a critical and welcome step,” the statement added. Guyana maintains that the role of the United Nations must remain central to the global struggle for peace and justice. Government also calls for the immediate start of talks among all parties concerned towards achieving a political end to the conflict in Syria.

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