Health Ministry hosts workshop for fitness leaders

As it prepares to launch a fitness campaign, the Ministry of Health’s Chronic Disease Unit (CDU) will host a workshop for gym instructors/group leaders tomorrow from 10:00 hrs at the Regency Suites, Hadfield Street.

According to information provided by the CDU, the programme will cover a three-month period and will be held under the theme, “Weight No More – Fit It.” Persons will be encouraged to exercise as part of a group, whose leaders will monitor their activity and progress hence tomorrow’s workshop for group leaders.

Throughout the three-month period, participants will be encouraged to exercise at least 3 days per week enduring 30-minute sessions.

CDU said participants will be offered a baseline and if required, a three-month follow-up testing for blood pressure, random blood sugar, total cholesterol, height, weight and body mass Index or waist circumference and can be part of a reality TV show, but this is optional.

Group leaders and gym instructors interested in participating in the workshop can register by emailing the names of groups/gyms and trainers to

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