Teachers encouraged to be on a mission to change lives

At a motivational workshop for teachers, held on Monday at the National Cultural Centre (NCC), thousands of teachers and education officials were treated to an animated presentation by leading American educator and motivational speaker Ron Clark on his unique contemporary education concepts, principles and methodologies. Clark encouraged them not to look at teaching as a job but as a mission to change lives.

A release from the Ministry of Education said that the educator was invited by the ministry as part of activities for Education Month 2013, to deliver the feature address to teachers at the workshop. A very vibrant Clark shared his experiences and innovative techniques to achieve an enhanced teaching culture and an improved learning environment for students in a modern classroom.
Clark encouraged teachers to fully enjoy their jobs, telling them to go to school every day and set the tone by being energetic and inspirational while leading the learning experience.

The release said that teachers were further encouraged to be supportive of each other and to engage in affirmation often. He was quoted as saying, “When you’re dealing with children there is no room for the egos of teachers. As teachers we’ve got to hold it together. We’ve got to uplift each other; we must have each other’s back.” He also asked teachers to support and to cooperate with their administrators.

In her remarks at the workshop, Minister of Education Priya Manickchand emphasised the importance of partnerships in education and recognised the teachers as a most vital link in the education partnership.  She urged them to strive to be the best teachers for the nation’s children.

The release said she reaffirmed the government’s commitment to further enhancing the education sector through continued investment and called on teachers to embrace their responsibilities as agents of inspiration and motivation for the children they teach.

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