International Peace Day tomorrow

International Day of Peace will be observed on Saturday and the Guyana chapter of Global Shapers Georgetown Hub will host a panel discussion at the Theatre Guild on Guyana’s role in the promotion of peace education.

Imarah Radix a member of the Global Shapers Georgetown Hub said the branch made a one minute video asking Guyanese how they could contribute to peace and peace education locally. The “I Am Peace” video will be viewed along with the 2008 Documentary “A Day after Peace” which chronicles Director Jeremy Gilley’s 10-year process to make the film and establish a Day of Peace that is globally observed.

Radix noted that the panel will consist of representatives from the Untied Nations Association of Guyana, Habitat for Humanity and the Justice Institute of Guyana. She said the discussion would centre on getting communities involved in acting locally with a global idea in mind.

Radix said “the day is to promote locally and globally we are encouraging people to become local ambassadors for peace”. She said that women’s issues could be the larger Guyanese focus clarifying that domestic violence in Guyana made headlines on a daily basis. Radix noted that raising awareness had to be the first goal but the follow through was also important and that the panel would address how to keep momentum going.

She said that various non-governmental organisations would also be present to participate in the panel discussion and would provide feedback on how to create opportunities for youths to become more involved in ending domestic violence while bringing the issue to the foreground of discussion.

The September 21 date took effect in 2002 after then Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan, drafted a resolution in 2001. International Day of Peace is observed by all UN members.

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