Man jailed for two years for stealing taxi driver’s phone

A man was yesterday sentenced to two years imprisonment after he was found guilty of stealing a BlackBerry cell phone.

Wesley Felix, 25, of 31 Victoria Street, Plaisance appeared before Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court charged with simple larceny. He pleaded guilty.
The police say that on July 3, Felix stole one BlackBerry cell phone valued $60,000 property of Paul Manoo at Bourda Market.

Court documents revealed that Manoo, a taxi driver, was working on the day in question when Felix in the company of two other persons, a man and a woman, entered his car. The two sat in the back seat of the car while Felix sat in the front seat.

Felix requested to be taken to Bourda Market and upon arrival at the market he snatched Manoo’s cell phone which was in his left side shirt pocket and fled on foot.

On Saturday, September 14 he was spotted by Manoo who then informed the police what had previously transpired. He was arrested and charged.

The cell phone was not recovered.

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