About 500 Surinamese visit Guyana every month -tourism ministry

The Ministry of Tourism believes that about 500 Surinamese visit Guyana every month and that these arrivals significantly benefit small hotels.

As such there are plans to double the monthly number of Surinamese visitors.

“While the visitors are in Guyana they utilize the services of the smaller hotels which offer attractive rates…” a press release from the Guyana Tourism Association said.

According to the release over the last few months more than 600 Surinamese and Dutch tourists have arrived in Guyana on excursions organized by the Garage De Eenheid Tour Company of Suriname owned by Guyanese V Premnauth.

The ministry has been collaborating with the company which has been bringing over 100 visitors to Guyana on a weekly basis the release said.

With upcoming events such as Guyexpo 2013, Rockstone Fish Festival and the R-Kelly concert, among others, the tourism ministry anticipates that Guyana will see an influx of visitors from around the world creating revenue and other benefits for Guyanese.

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