No arrest yet of man who chopped family

It has been more than one month since Shaun Fordyce launched a violent cutlass attack on his reputed wife Dorothy Blackman and her three daughters, and they have said that when he is caught they want him to face the full brunt of the law.

Wanda Fortune, one of the victims of the attack said that Fordyce has made numerous calls to the family, but they have not been answering them. “He called about a week ago, but no one answers him. We are hearing reports that he is by a relative in Berbice; when he is caught we want him to feel the full force of the law.”

Fortune along with her mother and two siblings were badly chopped when her stepfather attacked them after an argument with her mother as she was about to go to a nearby shop to purchase phone cards.

The man had threatened to “finish off the family” and had even tried to fool security guards at the Georgetown Public Hospital into gaining entry, telling them that he was Blackman’s brother-in-law and that he wanted to see Dorothy.

A wanted bulletin was issued several days later, but there has still not been any arrest by the police. Fortune had called the response of the police “slothful” saying that it gives them no confidence as Fordyce continues to make calls to the family promising to “finish them off.”

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