St Ignatius boy who stabbed schoolmate back in school

– parents upset

The St Ignatius student who stabbed his schoolmate earlier this month has returned to school and several parents, whose children attend the Region 9 School, are uneasy about the safety of their children.

The students, both of them in the Third Form, were reportedly on their way home from school when they became embroiled in a heated argument during which one boy stabbed the other to his left armpit.

The injured child was reportedly rushed to Brazil for medical treatment but has returned to Guyana. Residents of the area say that he has relocated to Georgetown where he will continue this schooling.

His alleged attacker, though, is attending classes at the St Ignatius Secondary School as per normal and this does not sit well with several parents.

“What lessons are they teaching him and the other children who are looking on? That they can do something like that and not be punished for it?” one parent asked while speaking to Stabroek News.

They are also not comfortable with the fact that a child violent enough to stab a schoolmate is roaming the halls of the schools alongside their children. “This is a dangerous situation,” one parent told this newspaper.

Another parent shared that during a Parent Teachers Association meeting, a school official had said that it was important for the child to return to school so that he can learn lessons of life.

When Stabroek News contacted Yvette Archer-Alexander, the school’s Head Teacher, she said that she was away from the Region when the child returned to school and would have to speak to the Deputy Head Mistress on the matter.

She also said that officials from Regional Democratic Council as well as the Education Ministry will be engaged as they attempt to decide the way forward.



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