AFC says will remain independent

The Alliance For Change today said at a press conference that it will not be swayed into a pre-election coalition with either the PPP/C or the APNU.
Its statement follows various comments in the media following recent upheavals in the party and defections.
At the press conference today the party said:
“While we recognise and value the right of all individuals to join the political party of their choosing, we call on those same individuals to recognise and respect that the party was founded on the basis of a need for greater political options than hitherto presented by the PPP-C and the PNC.
“It is in this context that we assert our independence and to the thousands who have supported us as a long-overdue independent third party, we wish to reiterate this position.
“Our decisions in the National Assembly stem from honest and earnest deliberations involving a wide cross section of views and careful examination of relevant information. We believe that this is a process which provides decisions that are in the best interest of all Guyanese. We will not sacrifice this independent approach to appease a small but vociferous group of so-called political experts.”

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