Bond clerk drowns during joyride in Kuribrong River

The lifeless body of Aubrey Glasgow was fished out of the Kuribrong River, in Region Seven, on Thursday, two days after he fell in.

Glasgow, 24, a bond clerk at Japarts, died from drowning, according to an autopsy performed on his body yesterday, his father Andrew Glasgow told Stabroek News.

The man said that his son, who could not swim, was in the Kuribrong River taking a bath with co-workers on Tuesday. A boat was moored at the river bank in the area where the men were bathing and Aubrey, his father learned, untied the boat and went for a “joy ride” further out into the river.

It is believed that he encountered difficulty in manoeuvring the boat, which flipped and he fell overboard.

Andrew Glasgow described his son as a “fun loving and hardworking,” young man with “a lot of friends.”

He said his son took up employment at Japarts about three months ago.

Aubrey Glasgow will be buried on Tuesday

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