Truck runs off Bartica ferry

A canter truck ran off the MV Makouria ferry and sank in the Essequibo River as the vessel was making its way to Bartica yesterday morning.

Stabroek News understands that when the ferry was turning away from the stelling, the truck, GLL 7958 laden with feed, burst one of the chains on the gangway, slipped off the ferry and toppled into the river. There was no driver inside and no one was reported missing. The truck had not been recovered up to press time.

Efforts to contact Transport and Harbours officials proved futile and at the Parika Stelling a woman said that she was unable to comment on the incident.

The MV Makouria has a capacity to hold 1200 persons, 30 cars and 15 trucks.

In 2011, a rice truck slipped off the ferry and ended up stuck between the boat and the Parika Stelling.

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