New Amsterdam man dies after accident on No.11 road

At about 2100h. yesterday, police say that motor car PJJ 6228 and motor lorry PP 251 were involved in an accident on No. 11 Village Public Road, EBB, resulting in the death of Sataur Phyzul, 69 years, of Coburg Street, New Amsterdam.

Investigations, police say, revealed that motor lorry PP 251 driven by Morbeeai Ramcharran, of lot 85 No. 2 Village, East Canje Berbice was proceeding west along the southern side of the road, when motor car PJJ 6228 driven by Sataur Phyzul collided with the right side rear of the motor lorry. Both drivers suffered injuries about their bodies and were taken to the New Hospital where Sataur Phyzul was pronounced DOA.

The driver Morbeeai Ramcharran of motor lorry PP 251 has been arrested and was placed in police custody.

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