Wife afraid husband who burnt down house will harm her

One week after her husband allegedly set fire to their La Parfait Harmonie home, Aneeta Douglas is pleading with the relevant authorities to arrest the man as she is now fearful that he will make good on his threats to harm her.

Douglas who resided at 548 Recht-Door-Zee, La Parfait Harmonie with the alleged assailant, Godfrey Douglas for the past six years, said that the two were always in the habit of arguing over his lying. “Since I living with this man is pure hell I go through, he lying from day one. Every minute is an argument over something or the other.”

Douglas said that on the day of the fire, the two got into a confrontation on the road and he left her on the corner of North and Camp Streets. “I was in town buying some stuff and he came to pick me up and end up leffing me by Candy Corner because he say how he has to go back to work because the teachers can’t find some set of keys and if he could bring it for them. I asked him to let me go with him and he say no. I think he deh lying as usual, so I end up going to he school but when I ask around for he, they say he didn’t go back there after he left to go home.”

The woman said that she then made several calls to his phone to find out where he was. “I call he couple times and every time I call he keep hanging up the phone. When he answer the fifth time, he tell me that he deh in Albertown breaking a lock for a headmistress. I tell he stop lying because I would have heard the noise in the background, he just hang up the phone on me.”

Douglas stated that when he eventually picked her up, he said that he wanted to take a drink in Alberttown and she could accompany him if she wished. “I end up going with he to the rum shop and we end up arguing and I dash he helmet on the ground and tell he me ain’t going anywhere with me. I leff go to the park and catch a bus and go home.”

She said that it was while going home, she saw the man and they got into another heated argument. “When I going through the street I see the motorbike under the house and he deh going up de step. We start arguing again and I tell he that we can’t live this no more, we gon got to go for the divorce.

He start choke me and start shout that he gon kill me. He fingers scrape me and when he see the blood he get frighten and pack he clothes and say he going.”

According to the woman, it was at this time the man ran into the kitchen, and fearing that he would harm her, she ran out of the house. “I thought he was going for a knife to kill me, so I ran out of the house and catch a bus to go to the La Grange Police Station to make a report. I leave he in the house, is he burn down the house. Dem neighbours say that after the house catch a fire they see he riding away on he bike.”

“I file plenty report against he before. In 2009 he spend one week at Camp Street, and in July this year he pelt a knife at me and they lock he up for three days. After that he plead guilty and pay $25000.

He always used to tell me that he gon burn down the house and leff me on the streets. Now I got to be living till up Mon Repos and have to travel all the way to Parika every day to sell my little stuff. I work hard for everything that I had and now all gone up in flames; is close to $2M I lose in the house.”

Douglas is now pleading with authorities to capture the man as she is fearful that he may try to cause her further harm.

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