City seeks legal advice on Town Clerk’s move to sack contractor

Mayor Hamilton Green last week said that the Georgetown City Council has written to law firm Luckhoo and Luckhoo about a letter that acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba has served to terminate the services of Cevon’s Waste Management.

“That letter she has written is null and void. She had no authority to do so. She is behaving as though she is above the council and the minister seems to be oblivious to these violations. I have written to the minister but he has done nothing,” Green said at a press conference last Tuesday.

Last week, Sooba had dispatched a letter to Morris Archer, the contractor for Cevon’s Waste Management, telling him that hisservices were no longer needed because of the quality of work the company was delivering.

Sooba had said that under the law, she was permitted to effect the termination of services based on the company’s performance, which was not up to standard.

Green, however, suggested that it was an act of discrimination. “We have two contractors—one is Puran’s and the other Cevon’s—and she just picked on this one. She is interfering with them out of spite. It is a real absurdity. The contractor has not even been paid yet. She has given him a notice without informing the council,” he said.

“We have passed two no-confidence motions against her. We don’t want her as the Town Clerk, she is not qualified for the position,” he also said.

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