Traffic arrangements for GuyExpo

The Guyana Police Force is notifying the public that in order to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic at GuyExpo 2013 at the National Exhibition Site, Sophia, Georgetown, the Traffic Department will be effecting special traffic arrangements from today to October 06, 2013, as follows:

>  Duncan Street would be used for east bound traffic only from Sheriff Street to Eastern Highway (this route will be used to gain access to the Southern Parking lot in the Compound)

>  When exiting traffic will have to proceed south on the Eastern Highway and west into Kooma Street.

>  Garnette Street from Sheriff Street will be used for east bound traffic onto the Eastern Highway straight into the Northern Parking Lot.

Note: this route is for VIP’s and VVIP’s only.

>  VVIPs and VIPs will exit the Compound using north onto Dennis Street then proceed east or west on Dennis Street.

Note: No vehicles will be allowed to park on the Eastern Highway between Dennis and Duncan Streets.

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