Gunmen open fire at Agricola after reported gas station robbery

Gunmen opened fire along Second Street, Agricola yesterday in response to a reported robbery attempt at the Two Brothers Gas Station.

Shocked residents said that the five gunmen entered the scheme at approximately 3:30pm in a white sedan and stopped at the Second Street intersection where they discharged various weapons, including shotguns.

No one was injured but police are said to be investigating the shooting.
One resident told Stabroek News that at the same time that the gunmen entered the area, school children were coming home and were scared into scattering after the shooting took place. Residents noted that they fled from the streets scared for their lives.

Another resident, who asked not to be named for fear of retribution, stated that the gunmen did not stay very long and just randomly opened fire after they suspected Agricola residents to be part of the reported robbery at the gas station. She said that the gunmen discharged weapons in a matter of minutes before heading back to their car and fleeing the scene.

The resident stated that the gunmen did attempt to retrieve the various shell casings but left a single one behind. “There were some red shells and they picked all of those one up before they gone,” the resident explained.

When two plains clothes police officers arrived on the scene, Stabroek News witnessed one of them retrieving the single spent casing with his hands. The officers spoke briefly with residents who recounted the bizarre events.

Stabroek News enquired at the Two Brothers Gas Station if a robbery had in fact occurred, however an employee stated that the manager was not around and they could not make any comments.

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