PNCR still committed to national unity -Granger

PNCR Leader David Granger yesterday said while the economic, political and social situation in Guyana has changed over the years, the need for national unity persists and the party is committed to achieving this goal.

“We have avoided the adoption of superficial solutions which do not involve the masses of our people and which do not resolve the deep-seated prejudices which impede national unity,” Granger said in a statement to mark the party’s 56th anniversary, while noting that the PNCR has never ceased to pursue the ideal of national unity.

Granger also recalled the guidance of PNC founder-leader and late president Forbes Burnham, who in his address at the Second Biennial Congress of the party, on August 12, 1977, said: “Some of our friends, as well as enemies, speak and shout about the need for national unity. The need for national unity is axiomatic and cannot be questioned. Where the differences of opinion arise, they do so in respect of the means of achieving such unity on a class basis.”

Granger also recalled that Burnham had warned that “an understanding or compromise between leaders is no guarantee of unity amongst the rank and file unless there is a serious and honest attempt to spread the message of unity further down. Each group, almost as a condition of support, will look at its leaders to further its own narrow cause, no matter how unreasonable it may be in the context of national cause and interests.”

While some circumstances have changed over the last 56 years, the need for national unity still persists, Granger said, while noting that it is against this background that the PNCR has taken the opportunity to join a partnership which seeks to adopt the best “means of achieving” national unity by combining its efforts with others.

According to Granger, the party’s efforts to eradicate discrimination and to erect infrastructure on which a unified nation can be built are among its most historical achievements. “The PNCR recognises the historical damage that racial hatred and political prejudice have wrought. The PNCR respects the rights of every ethnic, religious and social group,” he said.

He affirmed that on the occasion of this milestone anniversary, the party renews its commitment to continue to work to overcome the remaining obstacles to national unity. He added that the party, especially through APNU, remains willing to work with any agency, organisation, party or individual to foster unity in Guyana.

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