Kitty man shot, employer robbed by bandits

A man was shot in his leg yesterday outside the Wizz Electronic Store on Alexander Street, Kitty after going to the rescue of his employer who was attacked and robbed by two armed men.

A police press release issued last night stated that Tyrone Williams, 35, of Dowding Street, Kitty was shot to his leg around 11:00 hrs by “an unidentifiable man armed with a handgun, who robbed Shoma Vrusch, proprietor of the store as she exited her vehicle in front of the store.”

The police did not say what was taken during the robbery, but this newspaper understands that the bandit escaped with a bag the proprietor was carrying. Efforts by this newspaper to speak to the proprietor or anyone else connected to the store proved futile. When Stabroek News arrived at the scene shortly after the robbery/shooting, the store was shut and the employees who were still in the vicinity were visibly traumatised.

Eyewitnesses had told this newspaper that the robbery occurred around 10:30 hrs. They had identified Williams by his reported call name, ‘Red Man’ and said he worked the store as a sales clerk.

“I had just passed there and then when I come in this place I heard the noise but I thought it was squib. Is when the thing done that I realise that is we friend get shoot,” a woman said. She related that the man was trying to rescue his employer as she was being robbed.

Another eyewitness said he saw the owner of the store get out of her car and a motorcycle stopped behind her. “After she come out, the men pull at her and she started to holler,” he related. At that very moment, he said, Williams was carrying a fridge out of the store. “Like he tried to help her or something and then the men start to shoot.”

“When a man hears gunshots he has to look and all I see was the men jumping on the bike and riding away,” another man said. He expounded that he was on the roof of a house doing repairs when he heard the uproar. “I thought it was squib because it common in this place.”

He said the police arrived about 20 minutes after the incident.

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