Hymac housing scheme man stabbed to death

A man was knifed to death last evening in the GuySuCo housing scheme, near Enterprise, East Coast Demerara (EBD) and his alleged killer is still at large after a disagreement between friends escalated to homicidal proportions.

Scores of residents converged on the murder scene as ranks from the Guyana Police Force took pictures and examined the lifeless body of 43 year old Chattergoon Persaud of 258 Church Street, Hymac Housing Scheme.

Inconsolable relatives of Chattergoon Persaud
Inconsolable relatives of Chattergoon Persaud

Details surrounding the murder were still sketchy up to press time last evening, but information received suggests that Persaud might have been attacked and killed after his friendship with a man identified by relatives and friends as “Deportee” or “Ado Boy” went sour.

Up to press time last evening, the police had not held the alleged killer.

The two men, along with another friend, would usually go drinking together, and on some occasions, they would meet up at Persaud’s house in the GuySuCo housing scheme, which is still under construction, to cook. Stabroek News understands that Persaud, who is a former employee of GuySuCo, had quit his job to oversee the construction of the house.  The relationship between the two men though, might have deteriorated after Persaud banned “Deportee” from going to the house.

Christina Persaud, the man’s only child, told Stabroek News that her mother did not like the idea of “Deportee” being at the house since he is usually involved in questionable activities, and had asked Persaud to stop him from going over.

She said that yesterday afternoon, her father and another friend were at the house cooking when “Deportee” turned up, but was turned away. Subsequently, Persaud left the house in search of things to cook while his friend went home.

Relative say that when Persaud came back to the house, he saw “Deportee”. He also noticed that the “fireside,” usually used to cook his meals, was missing.

Upon asking about the whereabouts of the “fireside,” “Deportee” told Persaud that he had taken it to the top flat of the house and left it. When Persaud went to check for the “fireside,” both the item and a section of the house was on fire. “Deportee” had tried to burn the house down. The house was saved though, and “Deportee” reportedly fled the scene.

Residents of the area say they were not surprised at the alleged arson attempt since the man had successfully burned his own house to the ground some time back.

The stabbing remains a mystery as nobody could say when it happened nor can they say exactly what led to the stabbing.

One person did say though, that they saw “Deportee” riding a bicycle somewhere in the scheme after the incident. Christine said that her mother called her sometime around 19:00 hrs and told her that her father had been stabbed.

The other man, who is usually at the house with Persaud, told Stabroek News that “Deportee” had attempted to stab him last evening following a disagreement.

After hearing of the incident, Persaud’s wife raced to where her husband’s body lay. Unsure of whether or not he was alive; she rushed to the police station to report the matter, but was given a medical and told that she would have to take the body to the hospital.

Though the stabbing happened before eight, the body, covered by a red sheet, was still lying on the side of a road by 22:10 last night.



























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