No sighting of Enterprise murder suspect

A day after 43-year-old Chattergoon Persaud, of 458 Church Street, Enterprise, was found dead in Enterprise, police are yet to apprehend the man who is believed to have murdered him.

On Tuesday evening, residents of GuySuCo Housing Scheme, Enterprise, East Coast Demerara (ECD) happened upon Persaud’s lifeless body

Chattergoon Persaud
Chattergoon Persaud

which was lying on  Marigold Street. A police press release stated that the man was found with what is believed to be a stab wound to the left side of his chest.

His relatives believe that Persaud’s friend, a man identified as “Deportee” or “Ado boy,” is responsible for his murder. The two men, along with another friend, were known to frequent Persaud’s house in GuySuCo Housing Scheme, which was under construction, where they would cook, drink, and sometimes sleep.

But Persaud’s friendship with “Deportee” soured after “Deportee” was reportedly banned by Persaud from the house. According to Persaud’s daughter, her mother had expressed her disgust at  having “Deportee” at the house since he is known to be involved in questionable activities. On Tuesday, “Deportee” reportedly went to the house but was turned away by Persaud.

Subquently, the man tried to burn down the house, and later that evening, Persaud’s dead body was found lying on the grass on Marigold Street. Meanwhile, “Deportee” has not been seen since the incident. It is unclear when Persaud was stabbed, but his daughter told Stabroek News that she received a call from her mother at around 19:30 hrs on Tuesday evening who told her that. her father had been  found dead.

The police say that investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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