BCCI supports retired teachers group

The Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI) on Tuesday donated a trophy and a medallion to the Retired Teachers group for the New Amsterdam and East Canje Education district.

A release from the BBCI said it had received the request from convenor requesting an award for the most supportive retired male teacher for the group’s observance of International Teachers’ Day 2013.

The company said it was privileged to have the opportunity to donate the items to the group which will recognise the efforts and dedication of retired teachers who are often forgotten by society.

The BBCI reminded that it has supported the education sector over the years by sponsoring various school activities and by donating trophies, medals and audio-visual equipment to a number of schools and technical institutions, waiving tolls for school tour buses transiting the bridge, and sponsoring the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club’s Annual Tribute to Retired Teachers Programme.

The BBCI also said that it discharges its corporate social responsibilities by donating to charitable and non-charitable organisations, not just in close proximity of the bridge or in Region Five and Six but in other regions, the release stated.

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