Tremors felt here after Venezuela quake

Parts of Guyana shook last night in the aftermath of a 6.0-Richter scale earthquake just offshore Sucre, Venezuela and about 87 kilometres west of Port of Spain, in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago.

At around 10:15 pm, the effects of the earthquake could be felt here and persons from across the country reported feeling the tremors.

The tremors would have been the strongest in the northwest of the country.

There were no reports of injuries or damage at press time. “We are on the South American plate … when its tip rubs the tip of the Caribbean plate it will create waves and we will have these (tremors) but the thing is no one knows when this will happen…,” science professor and astronomer Dr. Alfred Bhulai explained last evening. Moderate shaking was experienced in many parts of Trinidad and the duration of the temblor closer to the epicentre was between 15 and 20 seconds.

The US Geological Survey is reporting that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 79.4 km.


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