Charity/Urasara residents want NDC dissolved

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development has set a date for an inquiry into the dissolution of the Charity/ Urasara Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) after receiving a petition from residents.

According to a Public Notice published in yesterday’s edition of the Guyana Chronicle, communities within the Region Two NDC petitioned the minister seeking its dissolution, in keeping with the provisions of Section 30 of the Local Government Act, Chapter 28:02.

Local Government Minister Ganga Persaud has fixed Friday, November 1, at 10am as the date and time when the inquiry will commence. It will be held in the boardroom of the Charity/Urasara NDC.

The inquiry will be conducted by Commissioner Rabindra Datt Prashad, senior regional development officer in the Local Government Ministry and Carla Dodson will perform duties as secretary to the commissioner of inquiry. Dodson is also a senior regional development officer at the ministry. All remaining councillors, former councillors, rate payers, employees and residents may attend the inquiry and give testimony to the commissioner, in keeping with the provisions of the Local Government Act.





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