Court orders woman to pay city $9M in taxes

Rajpati Latchmisingh, also known as Sandra Singh, has been ordered to pay an outstanding balance of $9,244,124 in taxes owed to the Georgetown City Council by Magistrate Faith McGusty.

The order was made on Tuesday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, where persons who the city has moved against over the non-payment of rates and taxes made their first appearance this week.

Attorney Robert Corbin, who represented Jennifer Basdeo-Green, wife of City Mayor Hamilton Green, who allegedly owes the council $10,145,631, wrote to the court asking to be excused and Basdeo-Green’s matter was adjourned until November 18.

Also Mary Hernandez, great-granddaughter of former Deputy-Mayor, George Sebastian, asked for time to secure a representation.

On Thursday, accountant and attorney Christopher Ram, who allegedly owes the council a total of $11,434,386 for three sublots located at Waterloo Street, was represented by attorney Neil Boston when he made his initial court appearance. His attorney asked to file a defence for all plaints and requested the particulars for each claim by the City Council.

Clinton Rollox, who was also sued by the Council for a sum of $2,340,583 for a property located at Werk-en-Rust, asked the court for time to secure an attorney.


He also acknowledged that he owed the money to the council and added that he already paid a portion of the money owed.

Glen Lall and Bhena Lall, who the council says owes a sum of $5,660,142, were represented by attorney Khemraj Ramjattan, who requested time to file a defence. These matters return to court on November 19.

Wade Beckles, who allegedly owes $6,862,342 and Azamally and Sons Ltd, which allegedly owes $7,676,555, also made an appearance on Thursday.

Attorney Sandil Kissoon, who represents the City Council, said that he received correspondence letters from both Azamally and Beckles, requesting reconciliation.

He added that the letters indicated that these two companies have already made some payments with regards to money owed.

Theses matter will return to Courts Eight and Nine on October 31.

Meanwhile, Wraylite Engineering Company Ltd was also scheduled to make a court appearance on Thursday but they was no-show.

Magistrate McGusty subsequently informed the court that she will file a notice and further added that if Wraylite does not make a court appearance by the date on the notice, judgment will be granted in favour of the City Council.

This will ensure that the company pays the full amount being sought after by the Council, being $21,960,397.


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