WPO mourns passing of founding member Jessica Huntley

The Women’s Progressive Organisation (WPO) is mourning the recent passing of one of its founding members, Jessica Huntley.

A statement from the WPO acknowledged the valuable contributions that Huntley, who was named provisional secretary at the formation of the organisation, made in the early stages of the organisation’s development.

The WPO referred to comments made by Huntley, on May 27, 1953 which still resonate with members: “…The WPO stands for a better educated woman who can bring up children in surroundings of security; it stands or peace and friendship among the people of the world and for ultimate liberation of our women from colonialism and poverty.”

According to the WPO, her prophetic words became a reality especially in the way women in Guyana have grown in all areas of the country’s development.

The WPO indicated that her call along with Janet Jagan’s for women to send their girl children to school has resulted in a success story.

The organisation also expressed sincere condolences to Huntley’s widower Eric and relatives and friends


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