Cops probing Orange Walk shooting incident

Police are investigating the shooting of 37-year-old Troy Bacchus, who is currently in a stable condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Bacchus’s wife, Natasha, told Stabroek News that her husband was doing well and was already on the mend. She said that after coming down from the shock of seeing her husband shot thrice on Sunday night she was happy to report that he was stable.

Bacchus, his wife and stepdaughter were watching television at their cigarette stall on Orange Walk, Bourda, when a lone gunman dressed in black walked up to him and shot him three times. Bacchus sustained two gunshot wounds to his left leg and one in his right. After the shooting the gunman took off running.

Persons in the area were in shock over what happened and no one took chase. Bacchus’s wife recalled that the gunman walked right up to her husband and fired. She said it was not a robbery, as nothing was taken from the stall and it happened so suddenly. Bacchus’s wife said the gunman shot her husband around 8.30 pm. She recalled that they were packing up and getting ready to leave before the attack.

Asked if she knew of anyone who would want to harm her husband, she replied that it was all so confusing and traumatic because she could not think of her husband having enemies. She had previously told this publication that her daughter was sitting directly next to her husband right before the incident and that the gunman, “got to know him, because there were so many people out there, how he just come and shoots at he?”

The West Ruimveldt family is trying to piece together who would want to shoot Bacchus.

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