Erskine off on pre-retirement leave

– changes made in prisons’ hierarchy

Director of Prison Dale Erskine, DSM, has proceeded on pre-retirement leave and there have been several administrative changes as a result.

A press release from the Guyana Prison Service, issued through GINA yesterday said that the changes took effect as of October 21.

The release said Senior Superintendent of Prison Carl Graham has been posted to Prison Headquarters as Acting Deputy Director of Prisons.

Senior Superintendent of Prisons (ag) Gladwin Samuels is now in charge of Georgetown Prison.

Dale Erskine
Dale Erskine

Superintendent of Prisons (ag) Noreen Parkinson is now in charge of Lusignan Prison, the release said noting that this is the first time in the history of the Guyana Prison Service that a female officer is in charge of a prison location.

Meanwhile, Assistant Superintendent of Prisons (ag) David Shepherd is now second in command of Lusignan Prison.

The release added that “while transfers are routinely done, these postings are aimed to support the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) to Guyana Prison and Correctional Service (GPCS).”

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