File on abused 2-yr-old sent to DPP

A police report concerning the death of two-year-old Kimanie Watson has been drafted and sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for legal advice, a police source at the Cove and John Police Station said.

The police source said that once they receive advice from the DPP the police will move ahead and do what is necessary.

Watson died at the Georgetown Public Hospital last Monday after she collapsed with a sudden bout of diarrhoea. A post-mortem examination performed later that week revealed that she had been sexually abused with a relative revealing that her anus was dilated.

Relatives had said that the toddler would usually be left at home with her grandmother while her mother was at work. However, on the day of her death she was left in the care of a male relative.

After the police suspected that the child was sexual molested they had detained the relative but released him after 72 hours on $25,000 bail.

News that the suspect was released had enraged other relatives, leaving them fearful that he would flee the country. “I want justice for my child! I’m not ashamed and I will speak my mind,” Kimanie’s mother, Venice Phillips had said. “I will get justice for what happen to my child.”

The issue had also grabbed the interest of the ChildCare and Protection Agency (CC&PA), which has launched its own investigation into the child’s death.

“All I can say right now is that it is very sad what happened to that child,” Head of the CC&PA Ann Greene had said.


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