Leguan man missing since Sept 20

Relatives of a 25-year-old missing man are worried about the prospects of finding him since it has been more than a month since they last saw him.

Rohan Singh has been missing since September 20 and one of the two aunts who looked after him since he was a child has told Stabroek News that they are becoming less and less optimistic about finding him.

Singh reportedly went missing when he was taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital last month to be treated for injuries he had sustained.

His grandmother was the one who accompanied him to the hospital, since he does now know his way around any area other than Leguan where he is from. The grandmother had taken him to the hospital on several occasions before, since he was required to attend the clinic there every third Friday.

However, an aunt said, Singh’s grandmother dosed off during the visit on September 20, and he reportedly ventured away from the hospital on his own; he has not been seen since. Since his disappearance, she said, she and other relatives have searched every village between Parika and Georgetown hoping to find him, but to no avail.

Singh was last seen wearing a pair of long black pants, white t-shirt and a pair of blue slippers. Anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts is asked to contact the police or his relatives at 691-1649, 693-0547, 601-3032 or 671-4669.

Singh’s aunt said reports have been made at several police stations including Leguan, Vreed-en-Hoop and Leonora.

This is not the first time Singh has gone missing. His aunt said that some time last September he was taken to Venezuela by another one of his aunts. Subsequent to migrating though, Singh found himself lost, but was found after relatives in Venezuela launched a search campaign to find him. If ever he is left unattended, the aunt said, he tends to get lost.

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