Man attempts courtroom assault on mother after being jailed for punching her

A man yesterday tried to attack his mother just moments after being sentenced to 12 months in jail for punching her in the face.

The episode took place at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court as Paul Headley, 43, of Princes Street, was being taken out of the prisoners’ dock and escorted out of the courtroom by the police. He jumped towards his mother, Debra Headley, in an attempt to attack her but was retrained by three police officers in the courtroom.

Paul screamed and yelled as he was taken downstairs to the prisoners’ holding cell, while his mother said that she would like him to be taken to the National Psychiatric Hospital for treatment.

Just moments before, the man had pleaded guilty and was sentenced by Magistrate Judy Latchman for unlawfully assaulting his mother at Georgetown on October 24.

Prosecutor Vishnu Hunt informed the court that around 5pm on October 24, Debra asked Paul to remove a hose, which he had placed in the yard. Mangru added that Paul then refused and Debra proceeded to remove the hose herself. This, Mangru said, angered Paul and he cuffed Debra in her face.

The assault was reported and Paul was arrested and charged.

The prosecutor also said that Paul was charged with assaulting his mother and sister on November 7, 2012. He added that the accused was convicted and sentenced to six months in jail and was also ordered to pay a fine of $50,000 after that attack.

It was at this point that Debra informed the court that she would be very appreciative if an order could be made for her son to receive treatment and she implied that he was mentally unstable.

Paul began to get upset and yelled that he was not a “mad man.” He then asked the magistrate if he was already sentenced.

When Magistrate Latchman informed him that he was not sentenced as yet, he said that he would like to change his plea. “I am a big man. Meh does wuk fuh me own money and dis lady wan to embarrass me. I want to change my plea,” Paul said.

But when asked by the magistrate whether he would like to enter a not guilty plea, he said no.

He was then sentenced to 12 months after the case was briefly stood down.

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