ASL gets green-light to operate Ogle fuel farm

Domestic air charter service, Air Services Limited (ASL) is to be licensed as a commercial fuel handling agent at the Ogle Airport, where it will start operating its state-of-the-art fuel farm after months of delays.

In a joint statement, Ogle Airport Inc. (OAI) and ASL yesterday announced they had concluded an agreement for the charter service to be licensed and to start operating its fuel farm at the airport under terms and conditions no less favour-able than Caribbean Avia-tion Management Services Limited (CAMSL).

CAMSL, which owns and operates a fuel farm at Ogle Airport, is the authorised agent of Rubis West Indies, which is the authorised supplier of aviation fuel products to Ogle Airport.

Earlier this month, ASL warned of the potential grounding of its operations after Rubis notified them that due to commingling, the fuel supply would be suspended pending an investigation. Rubis did resume its fuel supply the next day after the commingling was discovered and ASL did not need to ground its operations.

ASL General Manager Annette Arjoon-Martins had previously said that disputes between Rubis and CAMSL left ASL vulnerable and that OAI was seemingly stalling the opening of the ASL fuel farm, which was completed in March of this year. The company has since been attempting to get the fuel farm licensed and in operation but stated that there have been multiple hurdles.

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