Public policy body launches TV series

The Guyana National Council on Public Policy (GNCPP) has launched another of its televised series on the rights and role of local civil society in the context and scope of human security and insecurity.

According to a release from the group issued last Friday, the GNCPP is a policy-oriented, non-government organisation (NGO) committed to the development of “a prestigious and influential Guyanese think tank,” while attempting to organise and mobilise other NGOs to pursue their own mandates and objectives independently. It said that the GNCPP reminds civil society of its status and role as derived from charters, conventions and the constitution.  The GNCPP had pursued electoral litigation.

The NGO said that the resumed series of television conversations will be moderated under the theme of the 1994 United Nations Human Development Report from which emerged the concept of human security and insecurity.  The local debate will also focus on the role of civil society in securing a sustained quality of life for Guyanese citizens. Issues related to poverty alleviation will also be discussed.

The release stated that the panellists for the first programme will include Magda Pollard, Shibaki Fernandes, Tracy Chan-Smith, Seon Singh, Henry Chester, Andres Atkinson and Adrian Thompson, among others.

GNCPP founder and chairman, international corporate lawyer Dr Phillip Mozart Thomas will also indicate the status of plans for a conference of civil society NGOs from Guyana and overseas scheduled for mid-2014.  It is anticipated that the conference will culminate in the establishment of a National Civil Society Council.


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