Remember the less fortunate at Deepavali

Pandit Suresh Sugrim extends Shub Deepavali to the nation and calls on devotees to remember the less fortunate and to share their blessings with them.

In his message to mark the occasion, Sugrim, of the Humanitarian Mission of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir and on behalf of the Guyana Central Arya Samaj, the Toronto Arya Samaj and the Hindu organisation of the GTA extends love and greetings to all Hindus.

“The Festival of Light is the fight against evil forces and creation of peace and happiness,” he said in a press release. Therefore, even as devotees clean their homes, he urges them to clean their minds and intellect of unfavourable thoughts.

“As we wear new clothes, let’s also get rid of our old, unwanted, disturbing habits of anger, jealousy, worry…and emerge our new but original qualities of peace, love, bliss and happiness,” Sugrim said.

Further, as devotees burn firecrackers, he urged them to “burn all the crackers of evil characteristic within ourselves. This burning will in fact purify our minds and the environment.

As we exchange sweets, let us also exchange meaningful sweet words, good wishes and blessings.”







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