Riverview man found dead in gutter

A group of men yesterday discovered the body of a man lying face down in a gutter near the Ruimveldt Police Station.

The man was identified as Rocky Singh, 43, of Lot 1 Riverview, West Ruimveldt. According to Singh’s niece, Susan Hinds, he was last seen alive around 6 am walking back and forth along his street. She added that her uncle often suffered from seizures and that “might have been his demise.” Singh’s body

Rocky Singh
Rocky Singh

was discovered around 6:30 am.

She also indicated that her uncle was a frequent drinker of alcohol and the people in the street would mock him and “shove him about.”

“He had problems with people in the street because he would drink a lot but I don’t know…he done dead so what can we do?” she asked.

When Stabroek News arrived at Singh’s home relatives were setting up a tarpaulin and cleaning the front of his yard for his wake.  “It’s shocking because it just happen like that…it wasn’t like he was bedridden or anything,” Hinds said. She stated that a post-mortem will be performed on Singh on Friday. Singh lives alone in his home at Riverview.


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