Taxi driver charged with throwing firecrackers at Alexander Village group

A taxi driver was yesterday charged with throwing firecrackers at a group of people in Alexander Village.

Nicolas Browne pleaded not guilty when the charge was read against him by Magistrate Fabayo Azore at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

It is alleged that on November 3rd, Browne, 23, threw the firecrackers at a gathering of people.

Peter Hugh, who represented Browne, rejected the prosecution’s claim, stating that there was no one gathered in the area at the time the incident occurred.

Azore then asked Hugh if his client had any prior convictions and he replied no.

Browne, described as a father of one, was subsequently placed on $30,000 bail and the case was adjourned until November 19.

Meanwhile, another man, Rajesh Ross, of 74 Second Street, Alexander Village, was placed on $40,000 bail after he denied possession of firecrackers without obtaining a permit.

Ross, 40, told the court that the firecrackers were in a garbage bin next to him, rather than on him as the police are claiming.

However, Police Prosecutor Ramsahoye Rambajue told the court that on November 3, at Alexander Village, Ross was found with balls of Roman Candles in his possession by police, leading to his arrest.

Magistrate Azore subsequently placed Ross on $40,000 bail. He will be returning to the court on November 19 to answer the charge.

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