Rosignol man found hanging in Blairmont police station cell

At about 1930h. last night, the police say that the body of Balkissoon Dachan called “Boyo”, 42 years, of Rosignol, WBB, was found hanging in his cell at the Blairmont Police Station.

Dachan was found hanging from the grill work of the lock-ups with the use of a tee-shirt that he was wearing at the time and was the only prisoner in the lock-ups. He was pronounced DOA at the Fort Wellington Hospital, the police say.

Police say that Dachan had been arrested by the police at about 1200h. yesterday following a report made by his wife Roshinie Narine called “Geeta” that he had gone to her home and verbally abused her. This was in breach of a Protection Order issued by the court resulting from incidents of domestic violence between them, police said.

Investigations are in progress.

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