Big gold heist at Kaituma

-some booty recovered in Berbice, several held

Police are investigating a huge gold heist at Port Kaituma and some of the booty has been recovered in Berbice and several men held.

The raid on Eldorado Training Company  occurred on Friday evening but wasn’t discovered until early Saturday morning.

Police sources confirmed that the Berbician whose home the booty was retrieved from was assisted by at least two of the company’s employees, but the number of persons involved in the robbery is yet to be fully determined. All of those who were arrested were taken to Brickdam for questioning yesterday. Up to press time, police had not issued a statement on the matter.

Stabroek News understands that the proprietors of Eldorado Trading Company were the victims of a well thought out gold heist which thankfully saw no one seriously injured. According to information received, two staff members were found unconscious while approximately 100 ounces of gold (around $27M) was missing along with  an undisclosed amount of cash.

Sources stated that staff of Eldorado would normally arrive at the airstrip on Saturday with packages, however when no one arrived persons thought it seemed suspicious.

According to persons involved in the gold mining sector, the robbery was very well organized and the thieves had to have known the inner workings of the Eldorado Trading Company, including how much cash and gold was kept on site at all times.

Stabroek News was unable to contact the Jagmohan family at either the Port Kaituma Office or the Georgetown Office. According to information received police  have had two men in custody since Saturday, but it has not been confirmed if they were the only persons involved.

When Stabroek News spoke with an officer at the Anna Regina Police station yesterday it was told that they could not comment.

This publication did contact Derrick Josiah, Assistant Commissioner `A’ Division who stated that he was currently not in a position to confirm or deny that there had been an incident.

An official at the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association did say that they were made aware of the incident, but were awaiting further information.

Eldorado Trading operates in the North West District of Region One and is one of the largest traders and purchasers of gold in the area. In 2011 $5 million worth of gold went missing from an Air Services Limited flight out of the area.

The gold had been given to the pilot, however the pilot reportedly forgot the two packages on the plane at Ogle International Airport and proceeded to the terminal. The gold was discovered a day later on the same aircraft and was returned to Eldorado Trading.


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