BK International supervisors rewarded for catching fuel thieves

After experiencing theft of fuel and spare parts amounting to millions of dollars on a weekly basis, BK International Inc was pleased to reward two site supervisors with a cash award of $500,000 for their vigilance in apprehending a truck driver and front end loader operator caught stealing fuel from a company truck at the Soesdyke sand pit on Wednesday.

A release from the company said that site supervisors Eustace Tucker and Teemal Umakant received their award on Friday at a simple presentation held at the company’s Water Street, Georgetown headquarters.

“The constant loss of fuel by BK International has been a source of concern for the administration, as whenever the culprits are caught and taken before the courts, it is the view that the fines imposed are not stringent enough to serve as a disincentive.  BK Group of Companies is of the view that there should be a review of the penalties handed down by the courts for such acts,” the company asserted.

It said that the appreciation award is to discourage similar malpractices and encourage managers and supervisors to be more vigilant and conscientious towards their duties.

The company commended Tucker and Umakant for their commitment to the job in preventing further losses.   It revealed that the management was willing to reward other employees and public-spirited citizens in an effort to stem further theft from the company.

The management of BK International Inc also commended the officers of the Timehri Police Station for their cooperation and quick response,” the release added.

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