Cops not implicated in Kaituma $$M robbery

Police yesterday said they have found no evidence that three ranks were involved in the recent multi-million dollar robbery at Port Kaituma and as such they have resumed their duties.

Police said in a press release that “Cognizant of media publications which gave the perception that three police ranks were implicated in the recent robbery committed on the El Dorado Trading Company at Port Kaituma, the Guyana Police Force wishes to clarify that investigations into the matter did not unearth any evidence against the ranks. While the ranks were placed under close arrest based on initial information received, they have since resumed duties.”

Stabroek News understands that the ranks have not been returned to their posts at Port Kaituma Police Station. At least one rank is now based at the Tactical Services Unit (TSU).

Several days after the November 8 robbery Crime Chief Seelall Persaud told members of the media that three policemen were among eight arrested.  Persaud when quizzed confirmed the arrests of a police sergeant and two constables. He said they “apparently were part of the conspiracy”.

Four persons have since been charged with stealing $93 million in raw gold and money from El Dorado Trading located in Port Kaituma Central, Region One.

Those charged are the alleged mastermind Neville Chandrawattie who was the manager; Kenneth Garraway, of Lot 37 Charity Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast; Anil Dairam, 28, of Lot 52 Blairmont, West Bank Berbice and Amirullah Kuturatullah, 45, of Lot 23 Blairmont, West Bank Berbice.

Chandrawattie appeared in court several days after the others.

It is alleged that they stole 96 ounces of raw gold valued $22 million and $71 million, which were the property of Tamesh Jagmohan.

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