Three in GPH after Nabaclis accident

Three persons were rushed to the Georgetown Hospital yesterday after an accident at Nabaclis.

The victims, 23-year-old Joshua Alli, 43-year-old Oswald Holder, and 77-year-old Patrick Brummell were all brought from Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara.

Stabroek News was told that Brummell, a night watchman for the Nabaclis Village Centre, was making his way to work when he was struck down by Alli and Holder who were riding a motorcycle. Holder was reportedly steering the vehicle and the two men are said to have been returning to their homes in Melanie after working in Ann’s Grove.

Both locations are also situated along the ECD.

Relatives of the injured Brummell did not know the details of the accident, aside from the fact that he had been hit by a motorcycle while attempting to cross the road in Melanie. Alli’s relatives though, said they were told that Brummell was crossing the road but stopped smack in the middle when he realised that the motorcycle was upon him.

The motorcycle then collided with Brummell and all three men were thrown to the ground.

The accident reportedly happened around 18:30 hrs and all three men were at the hospital by 19:00 or so. When Stabroek News visited the hospital after 20:00 hrs the men had not yet been properly tended to. Alli was committed to a wheel chair where he sat groaning in pain to a female relative. The left side of his face was badly swollen, particularly over his left eye which was badly bruised. He was also bleeding from his right shoulder where he sustained an injury.

Brummell was also committed to a wheel chair. He had received some amount of initial attention from the hospital staff in the form of gauze strapped around several places where he suffered injuries. One of the man’s relatives told this newspaper that he sustained a serious blow just above his left eye. The area was covered with gauze but because the injured area had significant swelling it was easy to make out exactly where his injury was.

A piece of gauze was also loosely taped to the man’s left arm where he sustained another injury. Holder’s injuries were limited to a few bruises, although they were bad enough to make him limp. The man was seen limping to and from in the hospital compound as he waited to receive treatment. He too had been treated to some extent.

The man lamented the wait, as he watched Alli moan in pain. He told Stabroek News that hospital officials had used insufficient tape to strap gauze to his injuries and so they started coming loose one by one.

Eventually, a hospital official came up to the injured bunch and took their information. Shortly after, Alli was taken to see the doctors.

Meanwhile, a rank of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) was brought into the A&E Unit in the arms of one of her colleagues, who was sent back outside to place her in a wheel chair. The porters who were supposed to be vigilantly watching and waiting to provide a wheel chair before the young woman was taken inside had apparently not noticed when the woman, flailing arms and all, was taken in to building.


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