GuySuCo, GuyOil among 119 struck from companies’ register

-over failure to file annual returns

Deeds Registrar Azeema Baksh has struck off 119 entities from the Register of Companies for failing to comply with the Companies Act and these include the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), the Guyana Oil Company Ltd, Guyana National Shipping Corporation and Guyana Stores Ltd.

This is according to the Official Gazette of November 30, 2013, which said the companies have not complied with Section 153 of the Companies Act 1991 and are in default.

They were struck off pursuant to Section 487 of the Act, which allows but does not compel the Registrar to strike a company off for failing to file documents or returns or for failing to pay fees as required under the Act.

The Registrar must send a notice advising the entity of the default and stating that unless the default is remedied within 28 days they will be struck off. This newspaper understands that when a company or entity is struck off the Register, the consequence is that it loses capacity but legal proceedings can be made against it.

An analyst explained to this newspaper that appearing on the list is no indication of the severity of the default in question, since a company that has not filed for 2011 might be lumped with one that has not filed for 10 years.

In addition to existing businesses, the list posted in the Official Gazette does include defunct entities.

The list includes Pegasus Hotel, the Institute of Chartered Accounts of Guyana (ICAG), Colgate-Palmolive Guyana Ltd., Guyana Industrial and Commercial Investment Ltd., Kaitur Travel Service Ltd., Edward Beharry and Company Ltd., Friendship Marine Ltd., Lyson Foundation Garment Ltd., Barcellos Investment Ltd., Muslim Education Trust College of British Guiana, British and Civil Engineering Employee Association, Percy Wight Ltd., Correia Enterprise Ltd., R.M. Wight Ltd., Toucan Headwear, General Blasting Com. Ltd., Hari Prashad and Son Ltd., Kishna and Sons Ltd., Guiana Health Insurance,  Ahmadiya Muslim Jamaat, Essequibo Island Education Trust, Red Circle Farm Ltd., Corsbie’s Poultry Farm Ltd., Macand Agencies Ltd., Bushy Park Ltd., Consultative Associative of Guianese Industries Ltd., World University Service (Guyana), Teelucksingh Theatres (Guyana) Ltd., Bush Lot Secondary School Trust, Tang’s Drug Stores Ltd., Tang’s Bakeries Ltd., Muneshwar Ltd., Jacob Family Ltd., Woolco (Guyana) Ltd., Sue Tim and Company Ltd., Guiana Distributive Store Employer Association Ltd., Guiana Light Industries Employer Association Ltd., and Caribbean Finance Ltd.


Also making the list were Guyana Import Export Ltd., Merchant and Traders Ltd., Kawall’s Drug Store Ltd., Guyana Chamber of Commerce Ltd., The Mc Kenzie Electrical and Commercial Enterprise Ltd., Roma Manufacturing Company Ltd., Carl Mc Cowan Association Ltd.,  Andrew James Investments Ltd., Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club Ltd., Guyana Handbags Ltd., Builders (Guyana) Ltd.,  Demerara Building Industries Ltd., American Supplies Company Ltd., First Mortgages Investments Company Ltd., Lucid Enterprises Ltd., S.A. Nabi and Sons, The Lusignan Club Ltd., D’Aguiar Bros (DIH) Ltd., Prem Narine Ltd., Guyana Maine Shell and Manure Company Ltd., A. Gafoor and Sons Ltd., Marks and Spencer (Guyana) Ltd., Marine Dry-Dock Company Ltd., The “Argosy” Book Shop Ltd., Sannap Manufacturing Com-pany Ltd., Secured Manufactur-ing Company Ltd., Lyson Dye-Kurt Ltd., Independent Estate Ltd., Bostcrete (Guy) Ltd., Diamond Liquor Ltd., Lonsdale-Hand Guyana Ltd., Prasad’s Hospital Ltd., Guyana Traders and Surveying Company Ltd., Guyana Electronics Industries Ltd., University Garden Ltd., Demerara Rum Company Limited, Essequibo Bus Company, Stennette Electron Chemical Enterprise Limited, and Guyana Plastic Processing Company Limited

The list of errant companies also included Periana Color Photo Processing and Supplies Ltd., Herbert Company Limited, Willis Advertising and Publicity Services Ltd., The Guyana Institute of Management, Associated Processor Limited,  Concrete Specialites Limited, Pioneer Enterprise Limited, Demerara Company Limited, Demerara Investment Trust Limited, The Guyana Industrial Training Centre, The Demerara Marketing Co-operation Ltd., National Bank and Trust Company Ltd., and ‘Equaity’ Commercial Company Ltd.

There were also Management Services (Guyana) Ltd., Guyana Cosmetics Ltd., Guyana Drug and Commodity Ltd., Guyana Screen Process Company Ltd., Ha Lagala Productions (Guyana) Ltd., Mohabeer Ltd., Traders and Investors, Atlantic Travel Goods Manufacturing Company Ltd., Pegasus Hotel of Guyana, A Guyana Housing and Development Company Ltd., National Milling Company, Continental Enterprise Ltd., J.R. Vieira Investments Ltd., Guyana Building Components and Industries Ltd., Ganga Prasad and Sons Ltd., Contract Industries (Guyana) Ltd., Hack Bros. Company Ltd., Guyana Securities Ltd., National Lumber Company Ltd., Rendell Humphrey and Moore, Motor Spares Company Ltd., and New Dawn Development Company Ltd.

Other companies struck off from the Register were Friendship Oxygen Ltd., International Tobacco Company, Guyana Diamond Industries Ltd., Critchlow Labour College, The Coconut Growers and Copra Producers Asso. Ltd., Demerara Automotive and Tractor Spaces Com. Ltd., Guyana Mortgage Finance Company Ltd., Georgetown Stone and Construction Ltd., Du Pre’ Air Guyana Ltd., J.G. Pimento Ltd., Stuart-Young and Son Ltd., G.E.B. Security Services Ltd.,  Mc. Alphonso and Sons Ltd., Mohamed’s Radio and Electronics Ltd., Fisherman’s Paradise Ltd., The Guyana Association of Surveyors, Gaskin and Jackson Jewellers Company Ltd., J.T. Mecdeci and Company, Shankland Holdings Ltd., Republic Soda Factory Ltd., Guyana Stockbroker Ltd., Wieting and Richter Bottling Company Ltd., Livestock Development Company Ltd., World of Flowers Ltd., National Hardware (Guyana) Ltd., Demerara Life Pension Funds Ltd., G.N.C.B. Trust Company Ltd., The Catholic Standard Ltd., Guyana Marine Foods Ltd., Correira’s Jewellery Guyana Ltd., Lyson’s Garment Exports Ltd., and Kayman Sankar and Company Ltd.


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