‘Bishop Jules’ not associated with Church of the Nazarene – statement

The Church of the Nazarene has denied any association with a man claiming to be a bishop in the church, who allegedly attempted to defraud a business with a forged cheque.

The church’s disclaimer stemmed from reports circulating in the media on November 28 that a man by the name of “Bishop Jules” allegedly tried to defraud a city businessman by presenting a fake manager’s cheque to buy items from his business. The businessman, however, upon examining the cheque discovered the inauthenticity.

In a statement from the church, District Superintendent Rev Alphonso Porter said the person was in no way associated with the church and was therefore unauthorized to transact business on behalf of the church.

“…The person is unaware of the nomenclature relating to the church’s clergy,” the statement said, explaining that all pastors are ‘documented’ in the church records and identified in their line of service. The standard clergy of the church is a licensed minister, pastor, deacon and a reverend but “never as bishop”.

“The Church of the Nazarene, in the circumstances, expresses its displeasure over the current issue and calls for a thorough investigation by the relevant authorities. The church will not condone the illegal use of its name by any entity or individual for the soliciting of money or services or for any other activities contrary to its operations,” the statement added.

The statement also said that it promotes a strong outline for all of its fiscal activities and is grounded in “legal accounting and auditing practices and guided by international by-laws of the church.”



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