Ruby accident survivors recovering

Five of the survivors of Saturday afternoon’s accident at Ruby,  Essequibo are in a stable condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Survivor, Tameka Johnson, said that the driver of the bus she was in was not speeding at the time of the accident. Johnson’s four-year-old son was also injured in the accident and is a patient in the paediatric ward. Johnson said that the driver of the other bus was seen drinking several minutes before the accident. “He was drinking not too far from my cousin before the accident and when he finished he got up to go and drive and persons were trying to take the keys away from him but  he lamented that he wanted to drive… Our bus driver was driving at a normal pace and then this guy just cut across the road, I don’t know if he lost control or what,” the woman said.

Cheryl Ramnaryn, told this newspaper that she suffered a fractured left foot and had surgery done earlier in the day. Ramnaryn said that just before they reached Ruby, a passenger shouted, “Is where he going?” referring to the driver of the other minibus. She said that it was shortly after this that the minibus came into contact with theirs.

Meanwhile another survivor, Maureen Daniels, said that she was seated behind the driver but cannot remember much of what had happened. Daniels sustained injuries to her right eye. The woman said that she was in the process of taking out money to pay the driver a few minutes before the accident. She also added that persons who came to assist in helping them out of the wrecked minibus under the guise of being ‘Good Samaritans’, carted off her bag containing her valuables.

Another passenger Euranie Tieshmaker who sustained injuries to her face and hand was also recovering in the female surgical ward of the GPHC.

On Saturday afternoon, the two minibuses collided on the Ruby, East Bank Essequibo road leaving several persons seriously injured. There were no fatalities.

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